Choosing the Right Belly Support Belt

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One of the main issues facing new mothers is the post pregnancy belly. Although you have recently given birth, you still have the "7 months" pregnant tummy and loose abdominal walls. At this stage of your life, all you want is a happy, healthy baby and of course a flat tummy again. The most popular advice you will receive during this time is "tie your stomach", because it will help reduce your belly fat post pregnancy. Women have been known to tie their tummies with maternity belts, cloths and corsets. It is widely practiced by various cultures all over the world.

Belly Support Belt After Pregnancy

A pregnancy belt is intended for use after pregnancy. The abdominal walls and uterus stretch quite a bit during pregnancy to accommodate the growing baby. So after pregnancy, everything has to move back into place. The aim of the post deliver belt is to hold the tummy tightly thereby providing support to the abdominal muscles and assisting abdominal muscles and organs move back into place. There are various types of belts for pregnancy and each one comes with its own price tag. However, they all work under the same principle.

One of the greatest challenges while pregnant is trying to get comfortable with a big pregnant belly. This is why the pregnancy body pillow is priceless to all pregnant women. Its ergonomically designed enabling you to get a good nights sleep. One of the most popular shapes is the U-shape. It is long enough to help support both the back and front of your body. By providing that extra support during pregnancy, you sleep better and it keeps pain at bay too. Some women continue to use it after pregnancy. It can be used to assist you post pregnancy while nursing your new born baby and also while adjusting after 9 long months of pregnancy. So overall speaking the pregnancy body pillow is an excellent and quality investment into a more well rested and comfortable life during and after pregnancy.

U Shape Oversized Pregnancy Maternity Pillow

How the Post Delivery Belt Works?

Pregnancy belly support helps by holding your stomach tight. This assists your abdominal muscles and organs move back into place. During pregnancy your organs move out of place to make space for the growing baby and after pregnancy these organs need to move back into place. The entire process takes at least 2 years, but the sooner you use the pregnancy belt the better. The pregnancy belt helps to reduce fat around the tummy. It also gives you better support and more toned stomach muscles. It reduces back pain and even supports your internal organs like the womb. Although your journey to recovery may take longer than you would like, when you wear the pregnancy belt, it gives you an instant tummy tuck.

Reasons to Wear a Tummy Band for Pregnancy

When it comes to choosing a tummy band for pregnancy, you could be wondering if its really necessary. There are quite a few benefits that come with using the tummy band. The tummy band provides much needed support after a C-section since it gives the pelvic floor muscles added support. It also helps you recover faster from your c-section since it supports the area around the incision. The tummy band plays a huge role in how quickly you heal, especially during those crucial six to eight weeks when you are practically inactive.

The Best Pregnancy Belt

Both pregnancy belts and tummy bands work in much the same way and differ slightly from each other. They are almost identical expect for the fact that the belt is narrower. However both provide the same type of support needed. Another major concern after giving birth to you new baby is nursing. It is not uncommon for women to complain about severe back pain when nursing their infants. It is also harder to sit in a more erect position after pregnancy. So due to this involuntary and incorrect posture, your back pain will tend to be worse. The pregnancy belt provides support to both the abdomen and back so that you are able to sit up straight and feed your baby. This results in more comfortable nursing for you and less pain afterwards.

Exercise Using the Pregnancy Belly Belt

Most medical practitioners advise new mothers to try and exercise post birth. However, for some women the abdominal pain is so intense that it makes exercising near impossible. This is where the pregnancy belt comes in extra handy. Because it provides support to your abdomen and back, it eases the pain as well. Thus making exercising possible and possibly even enjoyable. The abdominal belt should not be used solely as an instant tummy tucker and while it gives you the back and abdominal support you need, your muscles also need real exercise. This is also why you need to decrease use of the belt as you start to recover from child birth. This will allow you to exercise your abdominal muscles and ultimately strengthen them. If you are using the belt to give you relief from back or pelvic pain, this is not advised for prolonged periods of time. If the pain does not subside, you need to consult a medical professional. The pain could be a symptom of a more serious medical condition and it is in your best interest to find out.


If you are a new mom and you are feeling discouraged looking at your post pregnancy belly, try the post delivery belt or belts for pregnancy. It will give you the back and pelvic support that you need to nurse your baby and carry out your daily activities pain free. This will also allow you to exercise and get back into shape, which is good for your self esteem. There are many types of pregnancy support belts, bands and corsets out there. Choose the one that is most suitable for you and use it as advised. Before you know it, you will back to looking like your old self again.

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