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Portable Mini Air Conditioner

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Do you feel hot and sweaty when you arrive at the office?

Do you need a handheld and portable air conditioning fan to cool off?

The mini air conditioner fan is also a blower or dryer for grafted eyelashes, it dries glue quicker with the help of the dryer.

This mini cooler can be carried where ever life takes you on those hot summer days!


  • Good for summer outdoor activities
  • Suitable for drying grafted eyelashes
  • Holder & hanging cord, convenient to put and carry
  • Built-in lithium battery,rechargeable and durable to use
  • USB charge, easily charged by PC, or Power Bank


  • Size: 12 * 8 * 3 cm / 4.72 * 3.15 * 1.18 in
  • Capacity: 400 MAH
  • Current: 250MA
  • Weight: 102.4g / 3.60oz
  • Voltage: 5V BC


  1. This machine is not waterproof, so when you wet the sponge, take it out first.
  2. Do not fill too much water in the sponge in case the water will spill and wet the machine.
  3. Remember to take the sponge out and dry it when not in use.
Package Includes:
1 x Fan
1 x sponge

 1 x USB cable

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