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Tough Blade Razor 6 Cartridges

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Get a Perfect Shave for an Entire 6 months!

Don't waste your money on ordinary razors that get dull too fast! The Tough Blade combines a German-engineered 3 blade razor with a nonstick surface that gives a close, comfortable shave no matter at what angle you're shaving. And it lasts up to 4X longer than ordinary blades!

Enjoy a close, clean, comfortable shave with the revolutionary TOUGH BLADE. Designed in Germany, this precision razor has three blades - the first blade lifts, the second blade cuts and the third blade finishes. Shaves comfortably at any angle and has a slip-resistant handle. Includes 6 refill cartridges for 6 months of shaving.

  • A Clean, Close Comfortable Shave at a Price that Can't Be Beat!
  • German Precision-Engineered Blade System - Blades Last up to 4X Longer than Ordinary Blades
  • Micro-Thin, Non-Stick Coating on Stainless Steel Helps Protect the Life of the Blade
  • Shave Comfortable at Any Angle and Great for Sensitive Skin
  • Includes 6 Refill Cartridges

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