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Rebound Tennis Trainer Set

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The Tennis Trainer is an excellent solo trainer and is recommended for beginners, while it can also be used by experts as well.

The best thing about the Tennis Trainer, is that it is great for improving your ground strokes, and you can easily train at your home.

There is no need to go to the tennis court, since it is portable, and the trainer allows you to practice and perfect your ground stokes.

You also don’t need a hitting partner, since it comes with a 15 feet kinetic cord, which extends up to 30 feet, and has dual swivel connectors that stop the cord from getting tangled. This is the perfect tennis trainer for beginners, as it helps build stamina, hand and eye-coordination, and reflexes.

Weight: 300g
Material: ABS Engineering Plastics
Color: Orange and Green
Package: One Base and One Anti-Winding Hoop (Training Tennis Ball with Elastic Rope Need To Buy Separately)

There are three non-slip mats under the base.

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