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Black Hair Shampoo Remove Grey Hair

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Instant Hair Dye - Simple to Use 


5 Units   each lasts 30 days 



  • GET LUSTROUS BLACK HAIR IN MINUTES: A single pack of Dexe’s wondrous instant hair dye shampoo will only take a few minutes to give you a lustrous black hair color that will last up to 30 days
  • COVER WHITE & GREY HAIR: Counter the signs of age and forget white and grey hair. Simply apply a dose of this great instant hair dye shampoo and look as young and vivid as you feel!
  • SAVE TIME & MONEY: Forget long and costly visits to hair salons. You can now dye your hair quickly and easily at home by yourself and save a ton of money!
  • Convenience Unmatched- You already shampoo your hair. Why not bring back that shine and beautiful glow to your hair? Simplest way to dye your hair for up to 30 days
  • QUICK & EASY TO USE: All you have to do is wear the gloves we have thoughtfully included, apply the instant hair dye on your wet hair, massage for 5’- 10’ so that the shampoo covers your whole hair and scalp, and rinse well. That’s it - you now have rich, shiny black hair!



Get A Luxurious, Rich Black Shiny Hair Color - Starting Today!

Has your hair color started to lose its strength and brilliance?

Are you not sick of expensive chemical dyes that damage and weaken your hair?

Would you like to try a quick, easy and very affordable alternative?

This amazing instant black hair dye shampoo may just be what you’ve been looking for!

Stop Wasting Your Time & Money In Hair Salons - There’s A Better Solution!

There’s no need to continue your frequent and costly visits to the hair salon to keep your hair color young and vivid-looking. There’s a better alternative - Dexe’s amazing instant hair dye shampoo!

A single package of this new, great product and 5 minutes of your time will turn your hair to the shiny, bold black color you always dreamed of, for up to 30 days!

Repair The Damage strong Chemical Dyes Have Inflicted On Your Hair

The conventional hair dyes you’ve probably been using are a cocktail of strong chemicals.

Dexe’s instant hair dye shampoo will not only help you avoid damaging your hair, it can also strengthen it and repair the damage!


As a result, they help nourish, detoxify and protect your scalp and hair - as well as shield its color from the damage UV light deals to it.


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