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8 Set Anti Snoring Devices Nose Vents

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8 Packs+mouthpiece
Stop Snoring Devices&Snoring Solution for Snoring Relief - 8 set Stop Snoring Aids for Natural and Comfortable Sleep

Do You Know?

More than 60 percent of the adult population suffers from snoring. As you age the tissues in the upper airway lose elasticity and tend to vibrate during breathing, increasing the incidence of snoring
Snoring is caused by a narrowing of the nasal passage
This anti snoring devices have been scientifically designed to work by opening the nostril or nasal passage to improve airflow through the nose . It helps you breathe through your nose , to stop snoring by the safe and natural way
Gently insert the nasal cones which are connected by a little strip for ease of insertion and removal
This is a comfortable and easy solution to your snoring problems , and it is better than any Mouth Guard, anti snoring mouthpiece or Nasal Dilator

How to clean :
1. Clean the nose vents device with water/soap and dry it
2. Store this device in the protective plastic case to keep clean and safe when not in use

Package included :
*8 x Anti snoring devices
*1 x Travel Case

Other product names :
anti snore nose , nasal snore , snore vents , snoring set , anti snoring nose , nasal snore device

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