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Arthritis Gloves

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We can always maintain a youthful attitude, but our bodies will continue to deteriorate each year.

Sometimes your hands and joints have a friendly way of letting you know that you have worked enough in life and it's time to relax.

Well today is not that day and you've got a report to write or a garden to till. Introducing the solution to your hand aches, the arthritis gloves. Simply put these over your hands and the compression will enhance blood circulation, and ease the pain on your joints.

They are comfortable to use day and night. You may even forget you're wearing them! The lycra material allows your skin to breath to no discoloration or swelling will occur. Tell your body to step it up, at least for today with a pair of arthritis gloves.


• One size fits most; comes as a pair

• Material - 85% Nylon & 15% Lycra Spandex

• Lycra allows skin to breathe and it’s latex free 

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