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Baby Banana Silicone Toothbrush

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The flexible baby banana toothbrush is the ideal infant training toothbrush that was invented by a mom-hygienist.

The handles provide an easy grip for Infants and toddlers to help them learn how to brush and hygiene care. The fun banana shape and soft texture are the perfect introduction and make brushing a fun experience as early as 3-4 months.

It is made of the highest quality silicone and is compliant with the highest government standards. Because of its unique flexibility, it is much safer than traditional infant training toothbrushes and decreases risk of mouth injury.

The wide banana peel handles provide an easy to grasp surface as infants learn to manipulate the brush in their mouth. The soft silicone can help sooth sore gums and it is dishwasher safe and freezer friendly.

Parental supervision recommended

Material: Silicone

  • Ages:0-24 months

  • Size: 10 x 6 cm (Approx)

  • Disinfection methods: Boiled (recommended two minutes or less)

  • Recommended by Pediatric Dentists

  • Promotes healthy habits from the beginning

  • Helps develop hand/eye/mouth coordination

  • Massaging Bristles for teething relief

  • Removes food and milk particles gently

  • Engineered with stimulating textures


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