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Cyber Putty

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Say 'no' to pizza crumbs ruining your binge-watching sessions and pick yourself up a cyber putty! This substance is the ultimate tool for cleaning all types of awkward surfaces.  

  • Applicable to car keyboard home and other scenes

  • Reusable and biodegradable as a proven cleansing disinfecting action

  • Ideal for all surfaces and devices has a proven cleansing disinfecting action Absorbs dirt and dust in awkward places.

  • It does not leave residues, keeps your hands clean, and has a proven disinfecting action.

  • Catches dirt and kills over 80% of germs.

  • Dust and dirt in gaps will be absorbed by the compound.

  • Environmental friendly as its 95% biodegradable.

  • Can be used for many times, until the cleaning compound turns into dark color

  • It's a must for using public computers in a clean and safe way, ideal for all devices and surfaces

  • Colors will be sent as random

  • Please do not force the gel into your laptop keys just let the gel find it's own level and then remove, otherwise it will make your keys feel gritty when pushed

Item Weight: 100 g
Special Features: Applicable to car keyboard home and other scenes
Item Type: Sponges, Cloths & Brushes

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