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Electric Fly Swatter

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Electric Fly Swatter
  • DEAL A LETHAL BLOW TO THOSE PESKY BUGS – are mosquitoes or other bugs bothering you and ruining your peace of mind? Take advantage of the Bugzoff electric fly swatter pest deterrent to deal a lasting blow to bugs. With our improved electro-mesh concept, this fly swatter is the only thing you need to get rid of both indoor and outdoor bugs such as wasps, mosquitoes, and insects. You no longer have an excuse to let mosquitoes ruin your sleep at night!
  • THE #1 ELECTRIC FLY TRAP IN THE MARKET THAT’S BOTH EFFECTIVE AND RELIABLE – tired of using dangerous chemicals to get rid of flies in your home or business premises? You can now leverage the #1 electric fly swatter accessory in the market. The Bugzoff electric fly trap is simple to use, and works on a simple premise by using electric shock as a deterrent for mosquitoes and other annoying flies. Just a single swoop of this swatter and you can eradicate any bug that’s causing trouble.
  • DEVASTATE LARGE GROUPS OF INSECTS WITH JUST A SINGLE SWING – are you looking for an easy to use, electric swatter to deal a blow to groups of insects within your environment? As opposed to smaller bug traps and swatters that are so much work to use, our electric pest trap is large and powerful enough to devastate a large group of insects with just a single swing. Get rid of your old fly swatter and take advantage of our revised-concept swatter!
  • SAVE MONEY WITH A SAFE, HANDS-ON ELECTRIC FLY SWATTER – are you tired of wasting money on professional pest removal services, or DIY pest agents that could jeopardize the safety of your kids and pets? The Bugzoff electric fly trap is a must-have accessory if you’re looking for a way to deter flies and still have a little bit of fun doing so. You now have a simple, affordable and on-the-go solution to your frustrations with flying insects. This product runs on 2 AA batteries (not included)

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