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Large UV Light SmartPhone Sanitizer Sterilizer Box

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Sterilizer Box
  • UV Cell Phone Sanitize: UV light from this smartphone sanitizer box can eliminate 99.99% of bacteria for your mobile phone, it can get to the germs virus that hide in devices where cleaning wipes can't reach, no liquid, heat, or chemical are used in the UV phone sterilizer.
  • Large Sanitizing Space:  UV phone sterilizer fits all phones below 7.00 inch, such as iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Sony, Huawei, Google, it also can sanitize, airpods, jewelry, watch, beauty, eyeglasses, key, money, card, Bluetooth earphone, baby's toy and anything other that will fit inside.

  • Aromatherapy Function: As UV smart phone sanitizer, it keep your items germ free, the sanitizing case also work like an aromatherapy diffuser, put some essential oil into the aromatherapy inlet to start having aroma for your phones.

  • Easy to Use: UV cell phone sanitizer box connected to power, after hearing the voice announcement, press the "Sterilize" button to start disinfecting your items, the blue light will indicate the progress of disinfection, the UV smartphone sterilizer box will automatically turn off when complete.

  • Portable Sterilizer: The sleek, ergonomic and compact design of our phone sanitizer makes it easy to take with you, no matter where you go. This phone sterilizer is powered from laptop, desktop, power bank, USB charger, you can sanitize your cell phone with it whether at work, home, traveling or car.

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