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No Touch Epidemic Zero Contact Helper

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From pressing elevator button to pulling doors, we’re constantly touching surfaces contaminated with pathogens. If you don’t want to pick up germs, bacteria or viruses that threatens our health, the Zero Contact Helper Tool is your perfect companion.

This portable tool is useful in opening the door, pressing buttons and opening drawers without having to touch surfaces.

This tool features a stylus for pressing buttons and a clip that fits for most types of door or drawer handles. It comes with a sponge pad where you can spray disinfectant to keep it clean all the time. With its portable size and convenient cover, you can put it into pockets or bag without worries.


KEEP YOUR HANDS CLEAN: Avoid contact with germs, bacteria, viruses and pathogens on surfaces of public facilities that can cause infection.
2-IN-1 COMPACT TOOL: It has a stylus that helps you press the buttons without touching them, and also a clip to open doors or drawers easily.
DISINFECTION SPONGE: Hidden sponge pad to carry disinfectant to keep the stylus and the clip to eliminate the germs on the point of contact.
NON-SLIP GRIP: Ergonomic design to ensure easily opening of doors with minimal effort needed
PORTABLE SIZE: The tool is small enough to fit in any pockets and easy to carry around without taking up much space in your bag.
DURABLE: Made with durable ABS plastic that is wear-proof for a long service life.


Size: 11.5cm x 2.5cm x 3cm
Material: ABS Plastic, Sponge,Sanitise Alcohol Container
Color: Pink / Blue

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