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Owl Alert

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Garden Pest Control

Keep your garden flawless & pest-free!

Don't let pesky critters ruin your garden you spend hours working in. Owl Alert is a revolution in all-natural pest control that works with sight, sound and light to keep critters at bay. The ultra-realistic look targets outdoor pests with an ultrasonic blast and motion activated flashing red eyes. You won't hear a thing, but the waves are unpleasant to deer, rodents and many more so they scatter. 40' range, 120 degree coverage. Sturdy all-weather construction.

  • OWL STATUE: it’s realistic design mimics the look of a real owl
  • PESTICIDE-FREE: target outdoor pests like racoons, deer, rabbits, squirrels, and mice
  • LIGHT AND ULTRASONIC SOUND: red glowing eyes and ultrasonic sound bother pests
  • ALL-WEATHER CONSTRUCTION: perfect for year-round use
  • MOTION-ACTIVATED: light and sound activate when an animal gets in range.

Add Owl Alert To Your Garden

Owl Alert mimics the look of a real owl. Not only does it target outdoor pests, it makes a beautiful decorative statue in your garden. Place in your front yard, backyard, garden, patio, or on your deck.

Pesticide-Free Pest Control

Say goodbye to those harmful pesticides and chemical sprays! With Owl Alert, you can target pests without toxic pesticides. Keep your garden pesticide- and chemical-free with Owl Alert.

Ultrasonic Sound

Owl Alert gives off an ultrasonic sound that targets and bothers critters. You won’t hear a thing but the sound waves are unpleasant to raccoons, deer, rabbits, squirrels, and mice.

Red, Flashing Eyes

When the sun goes down, Owl Alert features glowing red eyes that targets pests after dark.


When an animal gets in range, it triggers Owl Alert’s motion-activated sound and light.


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