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Plasma Ball Lightning Charged Bulb

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Orange Interactive

About this item

  • GREAT FOR DECORATION - This plasma nebula ball is absolutely great for decoration. Put in your room, living room, office, or anywhere to create a super cool, science-like atmosphere. It comes with a reactive lightbulb too!
  • GREAT FOR PARTY - This lightning nebula ball is great for when you are throwing a party in any space. It can be easily and conveniently placed wherever you want. Just plug in, turn on and create an awesome atmosphere anybody will love.
  • USE AS PROP - Electricity ball can also be used as a prop for photos, videos, plays, and other types of creative performances. Pretend to be a mad scientist with this ball! Kids will love seeing what happens when you touch it!.
  • PLUG-IN - This interactive ball comes with a plug in cord that way you don’t need any batteries. Plug it in anywhere conveniently.
  • INTERACTIVE - One switch-position provides a touch-sensitive show of multi-color light. The second position produces a mode that’s completely interactive. Simply activate the switch and it reacts to you; your voice, your music, and your touch. This ball also features a light bulb that will illuminate when it comes in contact with this lightning ball!

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