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Portable Handheld Outdoor Coffee Maker

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►This portable coffee machine designed to let you enjoy the booster, regardless of the occasion or location. This mini manual coffee maker are capable of making quality espresso with crema .No batteries or electricity needed! You don’t just keep your brew warm, you actually make it right wherever you are be that on the train or out camping and thus get to enjoy your perfect fresh coffee with no needs to search for a local Starbucks.
►Portable size to put in your backpack with a black pouch. You could take it everywhere for camping, hiking, travel, indoor or outdoor activity. Perfectly designed for coffee lover. By adding 80ml hot water and 7g coffee powder, you will enjoy the quality espresso at anywhere freely. With 8 bar pressure, this little machine will produce coffee and espresso which has lower acidity or bitterness.
Imagine how much you when you can make your own espresso without hitting your local Starbucks daily! 

Main Features:

Dimensions: 7.2 x 2.4 x 2.8 inches
Weight: 1.1 Lb.
Max Capacity: 80ml
Best Water Temperature: 40~60°C
Required Pressure: 8 bar

Package Includes:

•1 x Portable Manual Coffee Maker
•1 x Instruction
•1 x Black Storage Bag

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