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Silicone Gel Bunion Big Toe Spreader

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These very soft gel products help protect your bunion from knocking and bumping. Relieve the sense hammer toe pain.

Big Toe Spreader will help to realign toes to their natural position if worn everyday.

To prevent callous and corns, straighten bent toes Increase circulation, improve balance.
  • EFFECTIVE RELIEF FROM PAINFUL BUNIONS: Relieves discomfort and pain caused by bunions, Hallux Valgus or crooked toes, the bunion guards protect and realign the toe. An integrated toe spacer gently separates the big toe and the second toe to reduce painful rubbing and irritation. The soft composite guard also reduces friction and irritation while absorbing shock and pressure for complete bunion pain relief.
  • CUSHIONS, PROTECTS AND SEPARATES: Comfortable toe guards protect bunions and provides cushioned support between painful pressure points. The bunion guard also includes a toe spacer, separating the big toe and second toe, gently realigning the toe to reduce pressure and friction.
  • DESIGNED TO FIT IN ANY SHOE: Providing cushioning support, the bunion guards can be worn with or without socks or hosiery. The sleek design easily fits in most shoe styles for added convenience.
  • SOOTHING COMPOSITE CONSTRUCTION: Remaining cool and comfortable throughout the day, the durable bunion guards repel moisture while staying securely in place. The reusable bunion protectors are also washable for a fresh, comfortable feel.

Item Type: Foot Care Tool
Type: Orthopedic Supplies
Material: silicone
Size: 1 pair

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