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Sleep Travel Pillow

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  • THE WORLD'S BEST TRAVEL PILLOW -- The travel pillow you have been waiting for is here. Designed for frequent travelers, our patented ergonomic design makes the most comfortable travel pillow you will ever use.

  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED FOR COMFORT -- This inflatable pillow is ergonomically designed, which provides the ultimate in head, neck, and lumbar vertebrae support for optimal spinal health, and also helps you to relieve fatigue.

  • COMPACT, LIGHTWEIGHT, BUILT FOR TRAVEL -- 60% more compact than U-shaped neck pillows. Made of ultra breathable fabric without harmful materials. This travel pillow regulates temperature and keeps you cool and comfortable sleep and fit in all seasons. Small package size, so you can take it to anywhere.

  • SUITABLE FOR MULTI-PURPOSES -- Our inflated pillow is a "must have" for travelling, camping, outdoor sports, or rest at home or in the office.

  • 100% GUARANTEE -- We pride in being the most comfortable travel neck and face pillow in the world, we dare you to try it for yourself!

Most travel pillows sit behind your head or around your neck. But when you're sitting upright, that makes you more likely to topple forward. Our Travel Pillow takes advantage of the only extra space you're given on a plane or bus - right in front of you. The design was inspired by the face support from professional massage chairs.

With holes to stuff your arms in, can also be turned on its side to fill the crevice of a window seat. Plus, you can tuck your phone inside so you can read or watch a movie as you prepare to sleep. Both of these features make it more practical than the giant block-like Sky rest.


Our Travel Pillow supposedly takes only 5 breaths and about 15 seconds to inflate, and just 2 seconds to deflate. It folds up to the size of a brick and is said to weigh about as much as a smart phone.

As long as our Travel Pillow can hold its air so it doesn't sag while you slumber, it could save travelers from sleepless nights and neck pain. Flying coach just got comfier.


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