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Slicer Manual Stainless Steel Blade Adjustable

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Stainless Steel
  • ⊙IT IS SAFE: Your safety is the most important.The safety pusher can protect your hand from being cut when you use the slicer. The four stainless steel pins can fix the food firmly. Anti-skidding handle and feet can be perfectly fixed in smooth surface, avoid getting any hurt during the operation.
  • ⊙MULTI-FUNCTIONAL BUT TIME SAVING: Slicer can shred various fruits and vegetables in different lengths, thickness and shapes with 4 adjustable slicing thicknesses. and you can even get creative and do some waffle cutting if you're up for chips! We do not need to change the blades if we need to adjust the thickness. It is build-in blades. The french fries slicer is a time saving processor.
  • ⊙SPACE SAVING: As we know, we need much space in the kitchen. So the vegetable slicer's folding handle and anti-skid feet make it comfortable to use and easy to fold away for storage. The blades do not need extra space to store.
  • ⊙HOW TO USE: Firsty,it has an introduction book inside the package.All thickness and shape adjustments are achieved with the turning of knobs. The bottom knob can be rotated to change the shape of blades. The middle knob can be slid to shred the vegetables thickly or thinly. The top knob has 4 different gears, pull out the knob and rotate it, you can change the thickness of the food as your want.

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