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Smart Anti Snoring Solution Non Invasive Devices

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What to Expect in the First Weeks

Put the Smart Box aprox. 30 cm away from the snorer with the microphone in their direction. After 6 hours of continuous sleep the unit will learn your snoring and by adjusting the microphone sensitivity level and the amount of motion you will get the optimal result. The gentle motion of the pillow fades into the background and doesn't wake up the snorer. The result is a peaceful sleep both for the snorer and their partner.

Please download the app for results and read user's manual entirely

How to set up:

1.- Take out the product and all parts.

2.- Insert the; Smart Anti-snoring Pad inside your pillow case, under your pillow. Make sure the pad can be under your head when you sleep on the pillow.

3.- Insert the air tube as shown, push firmly.

4.- Put the smart box on night stand or sit it under bed. It works quietly, which will not produce annoying noises.

5.- After plugged in, the device is electrified with the On/Off key turning red. Press On/Off key again to turn on the device and illuminate the blue indicator light.

6.- Press and hold the On/Off key for 2 seconds, the indicator light goes out and the device will be turned off.

7.- Download the app Anti-snore Solution.

8.- Bind your anti-snoring pad and ensure a 6-hours -sleep to get your private sleep and snoring data the next day.

Package includes:

1 Pillow Insert Auto Inflatable Pad 
1 Smart Base 
1 Power Adapter 
1 User Cable 
1 Carrying Bag

  • CONTACT-FREE AND COMFORTABLE – Reduces your snoring without compromising your comfort. When snores are detected the pad will inflate gently moving the head of the snorer. Smart Anti Snoring Pad doesn’t sacrifice the sleep of the snorer or their partner. Works also for side sleeper
  •  KEEP YOUR FAVORITE PILLOW, SLEEP IN ANY POSITION - Smart Anti-Snoring Pad works with any pillow on the market, just choose your favorite. The unique design allows you to sleep on your side, back or stomach.
  •  SUPER SILENT, NON-INVASIVE & PORTABLE - Designed with your comfort and well being in mind. The end result is a silent, portable, and non-invasive snoring solution with a convenient design. Smart Anti Snoring Pad comes with a 5V DC safety low voltage supply and you can rest assured that there are no electronics or radiation near your head.
  •  CUSTOMIZABLE TO YOUR BEDROOM - Adjust sensitivity level of the microphone, amount of motion to find your optimal setting. For better results customize your Smart Anti Snoring Pad the first two weeks with the app. Our advanced technology can detect your snores at a rate of over 90%.
  •  FOLDABLE & PORTABLE - Ensure you use and storage easily whatever at home or on a trip.


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