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Stainless Steel Garlic

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Garlic Press

This garlic press stainless steel rocker is a breeze to clean. Just place in the dishwasher machine or run through water. Clean up could not be any easier.

This garlic crusher is made from 304 STAINLESS STEEL, ensuring that this product will last you for years to come.

Made from food-safe materials, it is safe to be used for your children’s meals. The garlic tools of kitchen features an ergonomic, soft, easy-squeeze handle specially designed to put the least amount of stress on your fingers, hands, and wrists, while still promising maximum output.

This garlic rocker press can not only crush garlic but also mince it! Yes, it can crush and mince ginger and garlic, as well as crush and crack various nuts and seeds!

Buying this rocking garlic press is essentially buying 5 different products in one go! This garlic press rocker stainless steel is ideal for anyone who cooks, which is essentially anyone!!

Made from high-grade materials, it is perfect for saving your time and energy during the cooking process, making it the perfect gift for home cooks as well as professionals!

How To Use It Perfectly 

1. Remove the garlic skin with our peeler

2. Remove the garlic head with a knife

3. Press down vertically and a ' back and forth rocking' motion, If the garlic too big to operate, cut it in half, you will find nothing is impossible

4. Collect the minced garlic on a plate with our scraper

5. Wash the garlic with a flowing sailor (solved in 1-2 minutes), or use a dishwasher to clean. Provide 2 kinds of cleaning methods: Rinse clean under water-tap or throw in the dishwasher. Say goodbye to garlic odor fingers!

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