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Stainless Steel Needles Meat Tenderizer

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This meat tenderizer helps you cut meat more easily. It helps the meat cook faster and more evenly.

Allows the sauce to penetrate quickly and reduces cooking time, suitable for home kitchen, hotel, and restaurant use. 

  • 48 ULTRA SHARP STAINLESS STEEL BLADES: Meat Tenderizer Using razor sharp knife blade, with food grade ABS plastic and 48 stainless steel blades, hard texture,corrosion resistance and not easy to get rusty.
  • REDUCE MARINADE & COOKING TIME: Relax the steak, chicken or fish with the 48 ultra sharp blades. Meat tenderizer transfer all meat cuts into top grade, juicy and flavorful masterpieces, and quicker penetration of marinades. Enjoy The Most Tender Steak, Chicken, Fish.No longer do you have to wait overnight for marinating and cooking time is also cut dramatically.
  • EASY TO CLEAN & SAFETY: The professional meat tenderizer kitchen tool is top-rack dishwasher safe. Comes with a clear protective plastic cover for safe storage and keeping your tenderizer sanitary.The Tender Meat Needle with a protective cover to prevent any accidental cuts or harm from the blades.
  • EASY TO USE & CONTROL: Ergonomic design with a comfortable, non-slip handle. Simply press down on the top and the sharp blades cut through the toughest fibers of your particular cut of meat. Requiring very little energy to use.
  • LESS NOISE, NO SPLASHING: Our meat tenderizer make far less noise and allow you to keep your kitchen neat and clean as there’s no splashing compared to using average hammers. The Meat Tenderizer is suitable for home kitchen, hotel, and restaurant settings.

How to use:   

  • Clean tenderizer thoroughly before using
  • Place the steak, pork or other meat on the cutting board and remove the protective cover
  • Gently press the item on the top of meat and repeat the process over the whole meat.(Avoid the bones)
  • Turn the meat over, repeat on the other side for some thicker meat 
  • Clean after each use
  • Can be cleaned in dishwasher with water temperature not exceeding 80 degrees
  • Can put some edible oil or lard on steel pipe of both sides  

Safety Notes:   

  • Use the tenderizer on meat and not the cutting board
  • Eliminate bones or thaw frozen meat to prevent breaking the blades
  • Don't put your hands on the blades   


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