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USB Dual 2-Port Rapid Charging Wall Outlet

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The AC USB Combo Wall Outlet transforms your regular AC outlets into multi-functional AC/USB power outlets; allowing you to charge any of your devices or gadgets at-ease, from the comfort of your existing wall outlet without any additional adapters.

With rapid charging capability and Swift Charge Technology, AC USB Combo Wall Outlets charge your devices according to their primary charging rate. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about losing your original USB charging heads. Compatible with all devices and gadgets from all brands that use USB charging connectors and technology.


USB Wall Outlet, Screw-in wall plate, Mounting Screws, User Manual

This item ships to the USA only 🇺🇲
1) DO NOT use if it buzzes or smokes
2) DO NOT use if cracked, broken, or doesn't work
3) DO NOT use if loose
4) DO NOT force plug into outlet
5) KEEP children AWAY from outlet
Failure to follow may result in electrical fires or serious injuries.
All USB Charging Outlet will go through quality check before shipping out to customers.

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