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Women's Slimming Super Stretch Pants

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Ladies Get Back in Shape with the Hot Slimming Super Stretch Pants - helps increase body temperature to sweat more than other sporting garments.
It is designed to increase sweat, body heat and helps you lose weight and measurements.
This hot slimming women's pants can be used comfortably during workouts, hiking or daily tasks at home.
The polyester lining absorbs moisture, the inner layer retains body heat accelerating metabolism and sweating while its outer nylon lining provides a smooth, slippery surface that lets you use your hot slimming women's pants comfortably over other clothing.
The thin and elastic seams are very discreet and resilient.
To achieve fast and effective results it is recommended to supplement the use of this garment with proper nutrition, exercise routines and abundant hydration.

  • Increase sweating
  • Promote weight loss and reduce waist measurements
  • Helps improve personal well-being

individual results may vary.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

Washing instructions: Hand wash in cold water with a soft detergent. Squeeze out and drain. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY! DO NOT WRING! DO NOT BLEACH!


  • Not intended for use during pregnancy
  • Can be use for postpartum recovery
  • Training pants tend to run smaller than normal apparel.
  • Please purchase a size bigger or even two size bigger than what you normally wear for max comfort and fit. 
  • Please check the measurement chart carefully before you buy the item.
  • 1 inch = 2.54 cm

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